Farm Animal Welfare


Across Mars’ diverse portfolio of products, many of our recipes contain ingredients that come from animals – such as dairy in our chocolate, eggs in our cooking sauces, and meat and animal derivatives in our pet food.

Responsible Sourcing

Our Next Generation Supplier program is our enhanced approach to supplier sustainability. We use new tools and technologies and an innovative collaboration model to help suppliers deliver better results for people in their workplaces and for the planet we all share.

Environmental Policy of Mars Hungary Pet Food Manufacturing Ltd.

A Mars Kft., mint kiváló minőségű márkás élelmiszerek felelős gyártója, aktívan hozzájárul a globális és lokális környezet egyensúlyának fenntartásához. Környezetpolitikánk alapja a Mars Öt Alapelve – Minőség, Felelősség, Kölcsönösség, Hatékonyság, Szabadság – amelyek tevékenységünk minden aspektusát irányítják. Az öt alapelv magába foglalja a környezetvédelem iránti felelősségünket, a természeti források, valamint az energia racionális felhasználását, és vonatkozik a cég területén végbemenő minden tevékenységre.


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Ronaldo supports rival Argentina in new Snickers campaign

Budapest, 23 April 2018 – Ronaldo, the former football forward for Brazil, and the world-famous Snickers chocolate bar join forces this year to reach out to the global football community. The Brazil-born Ronaldo secured plenty of attention for the campaign when, watching a friendly match in the stands, he wore the jersey of his biggest rival – Argentina. He later explained his “error”: apparently, he is confused when he is hungry, thus validating the Snickers slogan “You are not you when you are hungry”.

Orbit created New Year’s yoga challenge: Join #OrbitChallenge!

Budapest, January 17, 2019 – Almost all of us have made a New Year’s resolution in some point in our lifes. But how long did the strong will last? Orbit and Airwaves chewing gums decided to motivate anybody wanting to make their lifestyle healthier this year and created a true challenge for them! Beggining in the middle of January you can watch ten videos with yoga classes taught by healthy lifestyle enthusiast Eszter Iszak and a professional yoga instructor at

Do you enjoy meeting your friends over coffee or tea? Offer to them Twix Bites along with the cup and win a trip to Sri Lanka!

What comes to your mind when you hear about a cup of coffee or tea? Hot beverages tend to be an essential part of our daily rituals and in our minds they’re often connected to well-deserved relaxation, calm moments and good company. Even more so when you have a little bit of chocolate or some biscuits along with it… If you choose Twix Bites you can have both in a convenient package made for sharing.