Sustainability Plan

Sustainably Sourcing Rice Far The Future

Rice is a staple for half the global population, so it needs to be protected. As the maker of UNCLE BEN’S®, the world’s largest global rice brand, we are working to create a sustainable rice supply that can help support business growth and the nutritional needs of a growing population. 

As always, we’re challenging ourselves to transform how we do business today, to help create the world we want to see tomorrow. And how our products’ rice is grown plays a big part.  

Unlocking Opportunities for Women

Women play a powerful role in our history and current leadership today, and their advancement and empowerment are crucial to creating the business and society we want to see tomorrow.  

While women account for two-thirds of the world's working hours and produce half of the world's food, they earn only 10 percent of the world's income and own less than 1 percent of the world's property.  

Our Approach to Respecting and Promoting Human Rights

We believe that the global economy—and global businesses like ours—needs to do much more to ensure that work empowers people. We believe we can, and should, play a role in increasing opportunity for people to thrive in the workplaces and communities we touch. 

At Mars, we seek to promote and respect human rights across our entire value chain. From factory workers in Chicago to farmers in Cote D’Ivoire, we believe everyone touched by our business should be treated with dignity, fairness and respect. 

Supporting a Sustainable Future

At Mars, we believe everyone working within our extended supply chains should earn a sufficient income to maintain a decent standard of living. This is our goal. Although our relationship with smallholder farmers is rarely direct, we know they are critical for our business. Not only are we focused on helping smallholder farmers prosper today, we’re also working to ensure that the next generation is motivated to stay connected to farming as a profession that allows them to thrive tomorrow.