Ronaldo supports rival Argentina in new Snickers campaign

Budapest, 23 April 2018 – Ronaldo, the former football forward for Brazil, and the world-famous Snickers chocolate bar join forces this year to reach out to the global football community. The Brazil-born Ronaldo secured plenty of attention for the campaign when, watching a friendly match in the stands, he wore the jersey of his biggest rival – Argentina. He later explained his “error”: apparently, he is confused when he is hungry, thus validating the Snickers slogan “You are not you when you are hungry”. From 23 April 2018, all fans of Ronaldo and football aficionados can enter a football-themed trivia quiz, test their knowledge and win a number of prizes including a meet-and-greet with the legendary Brazilian football player – in Brazil no less!  

  The competition will run from 23 April until 17 June 2018 and is open to all who buy a Snickers bar or a 4pack from the special limited edition – the one where the Snickers logo has been partly replaced with football-related expressions like “offside” or “own goal”. By entering their details at, the players will create a profile through which they can upload unique codes hidden under the packaging of the eligible Snickers bars. After entering a code, the system will test them on their football and Ronaldo knowledge. Anyone who “qualifies”, i.e. answers at least six out of nine questions correctly, gets a chance to win a jury over with a short motivation note why they deserve to meet the Brazilian football star; they must also submit a competition-eligible packaging.  The ultimate winner and his two friends of choice meet Ronaldo in Brazil, but there are many attractive prizes that all “qualified players” can compete for every week. 

Ronaldo, also dubbed Fenômeno (Phenomenon), kicked off the new Snickers campaign already at the end of March on his social networks when he issued an apology to his fans that he had supported Argentina, the biggest rival of his home team.  Later he revealed his new partnership with Snickers and commented that “he is confused when he’s hungry.”

“The new global campaign again highlights the partnership between the popular chocolate bar with peanuts, nougat and caramel and its iconic slogan “You are not you when you are hungry”, and the world of football and its fans. The main component of the campaign is a trivia quiz, and the winners get a chance to meet the Brazilian football legend Ronaldo,” explains Erika Havrillová, Snickers brand manager for Central Europe. Winners from all over the world, each with two of their friends, will travel “all inclusive” to Rio de Janeiro in autumn. They will meet and greet with the Brazilian forward Ronaldo at one of the iconic football stadiums - Maracanã.

The whole “You are confused when you are hungry” campaign with Ronaldo will, in addition to the competition, feature POS promotion, PR, partnerships with selected media and online communication. The competition runs from 23 April until 17 June 2018, and the full version of its terms and conditions can be viewed here:


The chocolate-caramel bar Snickers is produced by Mars Inc., one of the biggest family-owned businesses in the world. The Snickers bars was first produced in 1930. The bar contains peanuts, caramel, nougat and chocolate – this combination has won many fans, making Snickers one of the most popular confectionery brands in the world. 


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