New Banfield Pet Hospital Research Reveals One in Three U.S. Pets Is Overweight
2017 State of Pet Health Report shows number of overweight pets more than doubled in past 10 years

VANCOUVER, WASH. – June 27, 2017 – Banfield Pet Hospital® today released its 2017 State of Pet Health™ Report, highlighting a widespread trend of overweight pets nationwide. One in three pets that visited a Banfield hospital in 2016 was diagnosed as overweight or obese—and in the past 10 years, Banfield witnessed a 169 percent increase in overweight cats and a 158 percent increase in overweight dogs.

The largest report of its kind, the State of Pet Health Report captures medical data from the more than 2.5 million dogs and 500,000 cats Banfield cared for in 2016. Data from common diseases impacting the health of pets was analyzed to share trends, insights and potential solutions with pet owners and the veterinary community at large.

“At Banfield, we deeply believe in preventive care and early disease diagnosis—a key component of which is the partnership between pet owners and veterinarians,” said Dr. Daniel Aja, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Banfield Pet Hospital. “As our 2017 State of Pet Health Report shows, overweight pets—and the many related conditions associated with those extra pounds—are critical issues that we strive to both educate pet owners on and address in partnership with our clients to ultimately help pets live their best life.”

Being overweight does not simply impact how a pet looks or feels. It is also associated with other chronic conditions that can have negative consequences for a pet’s overall health and quality of life. According to the report, diseases linked with obesity, such as arthritis and tracheal collapse in dogs, have concurrently been trending upward over the past decade.

And those extra pounds don’t stop at negatively impacting pets—Banfield’s research revealed pet owners of overweight and obese pets pay considerably more in healthcare costs than those of healthy-weight dogs: Owners of overweight dogs spend 17 percent more on healthcare costs and 25 percent more on medications; owners of overweight cats spend 36 percent more on diagnostic procedures compared to owners of healthy-weight cats.

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