Orbit is going to support SOS Children’s Villages for the third time and you can join as well!

Budapest, August 23, 2018 – Every child deserves to smile. That is why Orbit once again decided to support SOS Children’s Villages which take care of underprivileged children. The third year of Smile Back campaign, which aims not only to raise awareness of proper dental hygiene but also to support healthy self-esteem of children, will be joined by István Dombóvári, aka Dombi, one of the main national representative of stand-up comedy. From August 23 to October 7 Orbit is going to donate 1% of each product sold to the SOS Children’s Villages. Help us to make more children smile again!

This year’s Orbit Smile Back campaign follows two successful previous ones. In cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages Orbit will once again raise awareness of proper dental hygiene and also support healthy self-esteem of children. Specifically in this area there is a big novelty this year: István Dombóvári, aka Dombi joined the initiation as well and prepared a campaign film with some lovely kids. The film raise awareness on the importance of smile, laugh and their connection with a better and healthy life. They also tried to present a world without smile with the “try not to laugh challenge”, but it soon turned out that it’s quite impossible. Can you watch the video without a smile? Try it here: https://youtu.be/mBSpz7mPECg

“I’m very happy to be able to take part in supporting smile of children who unfortunately so far haven’t been as lucky as they would have deserved. I’m sure that Smile Back campaign makes sense not just because of the donated money, but also because of the fact that it raises awareness of proper dental hygiene, because healthy smile is so important for healthy self-esteem of both children and adults,” Dombi says about his involvement in the campaign.

“We are honored to be part of this project for the fourth time. It’s essential for children to be encouraged to develop their self-esteem and thanks to our trusted and long-lasting partner, Orbit, we are able to give underprivileged children the chance to smile and to invest into their future. We are looking forward to this year’s cooperation. Every year brings not just more surprises but also more children’s smiles,” Gosztonyi Gábo of SOS Children’s Villages Hungary. 

Last year also Auchan and OMV joined the campaign, furthermore this year Shell became the part of it as well. With the Orbit products, which will be purchased in their stores, additional 1-1-1% will be raised for SOS.

The amount of the donation during this year’s campaign will again be used to support the cost maintenance of SOS villages. On top of the donated money, Orbit will provide oral hygiene screening and educational programs with dental kits for the children. 

Get involved in Smile Back campaign and help Orbit donate money to SOS Children’s Villages to support healthy smile and self-esteem of children. Every single one of Orbit chewing gums contributes to proper dental hygiene at any age, helps you keep your teeth healthy and beautiful and promotes children’s smiles, especially during the Smile Back campaign which takes places from August 23 to October 7. You can proudly tell the world that you’ve helped using #gyermekmosoly hashtag and inspire others to get involved as well!

Find out more at www.orbit.hu/gyermekmosoly 

Orbit is a leading brand of sugar-free chewing gums and it focuses not just on dental benefits of chewing gums but also on beautiful and healthy smile which helps to boost self-esteem and desire to smile in any situation. It also aims to shine light on importance of regular and proper dental hygiene. Orbit brand connects these aspects and continuously stresses the idea that self-esteem and desire to smile come naturally with clean teeth and its altogether healthiness which Orbit sugar-free chewing gums help to achieve. Sugar-free chewing gums are simple and practical way to support healthy and beautiful smile and they also enable us to feel better in any situation. 

SOS Children’s Villages are one of the most prominent NGOs in Hungary. They help hundreds of families in danger of having their child taken away from them annually and also to maltreated, abused and neglected children who can’t grow up in their original families. SOS Children’s Villages provide complex services reaching from prevention of taking children from their families to imminent help to children in need. They also support foster families and underprivileged young people entering adult live. You can support the organization and its program here: https://www.sos.hu/adomany/ 


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