Anticipating Issues
Harnessing High-Tech Help to Prevent Tomorrow’s Problems
Using AI to Up Our Efficiency

A faulty printer doesn’t sound like a big deal. It breaks, you fix it. But for some companies, even the most minor technological malfunction could set off a chain reaction across the network. Here at Mars, we’re able to see the problem before it happens, stopping any potential shutdown before it occurs. We’re anticipating needs and creating fresh solutions. Almost as if we can see into the future. 

Moving forward, it’s all aboard the tech train. Paul L’Estrange, our CTO and Vice President of Core Services, says artificial intelligence is transforming our business.

“Our monitoring capabilities are evolving at an accelerated pace,” Paul says. “We now are performing at an extremely high level of efficiency, applying the best technology to resolve issues before they can disrupt our critical business operations.”

And that’s how we work throughout our business, taking action today to shape the world we want tomorrow. In this case, our hope is that by incorporating AI, we can use technology in ways that will help people lead happier lives. And what’s good for our people is always good for business.

So how is Mars Global Services using technology to keep operations on schedule and customers happy?

  • AI is able to anticipate — and fix — potential problems within minutes rather than days, before they become real problems.
  • In China, Recruitment Chatbot helps attract and retain top talent by automating much of the recruiting process, including matching and recommending vacancies.
  • In our Innovation Pipeline, AI is giving our research and development team faster and more intuitive access to our research archives and trade secrets.

AI helps us build a predictive organization — one where we anticipate irregular behaviors and events. It’s high-tech help that’s strengthening us from the inside out.

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