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Making Healthier Choices, One Meal at a Time

Our Global Health and Wellbeing Ambition has a simple objective: We are working toward our ambition to deliver 1 billion more healthy meals, for a total of 4 billion healthy meals, shared on dinner tables around the world by 2021. Our bold ambition is inspired by our Mars Food purpose — Better Food Today. A Better World Tomorrow. And our Associates work every day to champion the importance of dinnertime by inspiring people to cook and eat together.

To guide us on this ambitious journey, we’re using the strict World Health Organization (WHO) nutrition recommendations as our targets for reducing sodium and added sugar in our products. This helps ensure that we set the bar high to offer high-quality, healthier products to consumers, because better food today creates a better world tomorrow.

We’re proud to report tremendous progress toward those targets – you can read our full annual report or sample the highlights here:

  • We’ve delivered an additional 300 million healthy meals, bringing our total to 400 million more healthy meals since we launched our Ambition in 2016.
  • Today, 72 percent of our products (by sales volume) meet World Health Organization recommendations for calories, added sugar, sodium and fats, as incorporated into the Mars Food Nutrition Criteria. And, we’re well on our way to ensuring close to 95 percent of our portfolio meets these targets by 2021.
  • We’ve reduced sodium by an average of 8 percent across our global portfolio — steady progress toward our goal to reduce sodium by 20 percent.
  • We’re providing more transparency about our ingredients for our consumers and how our foods fit into a balanced weekly diet. Almost all of our brands provide nutrition information online. We’re also updating our on-pack recipe suggestions to help consumers craft healthy meals with our products and rolling out new language so they can identify how to integrate our foods into a balanced weekly diet.
  • Our leading brands continue to launch campaigns to inspire family cooking and meal sharing around the world. Our Associates are doing their part, too, by volunteering their time to teach kids the basics of nutrition and cooking, giving them important skills they can use to cook healthy meals at home with their families.
  • We’re continuing to invest in the health and wellbeing of our Mars Food Associates. Today, all of our sites offer nutrition education and healthy canteen meals, and we’ve progressed in offering more kitchen and fitness facility access to our Associates.

“I’m inspired by the progress we’ve made to date, but we know there is still more work to be done,” says Fiona Dawson, Global President, Mars Food & Multisales. “None of this would be possible without our Associates, who work tirelessly every day, bringing us even closer to achieving our ambition and helping families around the world make healthier meal choices.”

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