Mars and Research Partners Probe the Benefits of Cocoa Flavanols

COCOAVIA™ is a cocoa extract dietary supplement. It builds on over 20 years of scientific research into the health and biomedical potential of cocoa flavanols to support cardiovascular function.

Woman RunningCocoa flavanols increase nitric oxide levels, which help to relax arterial walls and support healthy blood flow throughout your body and ease the delivery of essential oxygen and nutrients to vital organs like your heart and brain. COCOAVIA™ supplement guarantees 375 mg of cocoa flavanols per serving — the highest level available in a supplement today. 

For over 20 years, Mars has been conducting extensive research to advance the understanding of the role of cocoa flavanols in maintaining human health. Our research also led to the development of a proprietary process called COCOAPRO®, which preserves the naturally occurring and abundant flavanols found in the cocoa plant.

CocoAvia Products Working in collaboration with some of the world’s leading scientific institutions, we have published more than 150 peer-reviewed scientific papers and hold a comprehensive portfolio of cocoa flavanol-related patents. In addition, we participate in a public-private partnership with collaborators from Harvard University, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the National Institute of Health and Pfizer, to undertake the COcoa Supplement and Multiviamins Outcomes Study (COSMOS). Running over five years and including almost 22,000 participants, COSMOS is the largest clinical dietary intervention trial on the impact of cocoa flavanols and multivitamins on cardiovascular health and cancer.

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